What causes a heart attack?

What causes a heart attack? Heart attacks can be fatal, but early treatment has greatly improved the prognosis. If you think you are having a heart attack it is very important to act immediately and contact the emergency services. A heart attack occurs when blood flow in one of the coronary arteries supplying the heart […]

What should I do if I get COVID…

What should I do if I get COVID and have arrhythmia? Today, we’re speaking with Dr Margarida Pujol López, Cardiologist at Barcelona l’Hospital Clínic, about the relationship between Covid 19 and arrhythmia. Dra. March and April, Dr Pujol was working in a “COVID ICU” as a cardiologist and explains her perspective and experience to us. […]

What is atrial fibrillation?

What is atrial fibrillation? Atrial fibrillation is an alteration of the normal heart rate, an arrhythmia. There are many types of arrhythmic alterations, from mild unimportant alterations to more severe alterations that require immediate intervention. In the case of atrial fibrillation, the heart contracts and relaxes in an irregular rhythm. This means that the upper […]

Symptoms and diagnosis

Symptoms and diagnosis What are the symptoms? The symptoms of atrial fibrillation can vary a lot, but the most frequent are palpitations, which is an uncomfortable sensation in the heartbeat, generally situated on the left side of the chest. Palpitations are normally felt as a rapid and irregular beating of the heart. In other cases, […]

Prevention and treatment

Prevention and treatment How is it treated? Treatment of atrial fibrillation involves controlling the heart rate and preventing embolisms. 1. Controlling the heart rate is necessary so as to reduce the number of atrial fibrillation crises and to lower the heart rate during such crises, is carried out by: Antiarrhythmic drugs Atrial fibrillation ablation Controlling […]